What is SAVVY!

SAVVY! is a society for chic professional women. We create fun and exciting events designed to bring together successful women across many different industries and backgrounds. We offer an exclusive and unique experience at every event.​


Our private launch party was hosted at the Davenport Salon located in Yorkville with an open bar, delicious appetizers, Toronto's top hair stylists, Bourjois makeup artists, Motives lash experts, great music, amazing swag bags and giveaways. You can view the pictures in our Gallery page.  

We know that it is difficult to meet new people at bars, clubs, and traditional networking seminars.  We also know that girls just want to have fun... it’s simple really.

Who we are

SAVVY! was created by Dolly Kaul to build a society for Chic Professional Women who enjoy making the most out of life in Toronto.  Having moved from Australia, Dolly spent years looking for a networking society that hosted lifestyle events in an environment that was electric and fun. After attending many events, she could not find one group that catered to that need.  So began SAVVY! a society for the Chìc Professional woman in Toronto.

Who should join SAVVY!

Whether you live in or have recently moved to Toronto, had a career change, just got married or have started a family - wouldn't it be great to meet people that have similar interests as you?  If you are a stylish, elegant and professional woman who wants to meet other like minded women at amazing and unique private events, then SAVVY! is for you.

To join, register your details in our Membership page.

We look forward to meeting you.